Valerie Loh is a user experience designer, image curator, frontend developer, copywriter, and entrepreneur in Singapore

Deliveroo Performance Ads

These are sample Deliveroo mobile performance ads for the pre on-site interview with Liftoff


Fresh Food Fast

We explored using alliteration to convey a sense of speed. We also selected bold imagery of fresh produce to challenge the belief that food delivery is only about sad pizzas and bland food.


10,000 choices, 1 app

There are over 10,000 restaurants on available Deliveroo’s platform in the UK. We created a rapid animation of close-up shots of various cuisines to illustrate the sheer variety Deliveroo promises.


Just an app away

Most people believe that steak is a dish that can only be enjoyed in a restaurant. Yet, Deliveroo’s motto is “restaurant food, delivered”. With Deliveroo, fancy dinners are just an app away.


Your meal, anywhere

Breakfast in bed, Healthy lunches at your desk. Fancy dinners without stepping out of home. These ads can served singularly or as a full unit to target consumers during different times of the day.