Valerie Loh is a user experience designer, image curator, frontend developer, copywriter, and entrepreneur in Singapore


When technology meets new parenthood


SafetoSleep is a sleep wellness company that designs and builds cutting-edge infant breath monitoring products for consumers and healthcare institutions.


The challenge

Safetosleep competes in a crowded marketplace with well-established household brands. In space rife inflated claims and bloated jargon, the goal was to create a brand story that distinguishes their brand from their competitors and establish trust. 

Since the target consumers of SafetoSleep were new parents, we conducted several Facebook polls asking new and soon-to-be parents what were their top concerns during the first year of parenthood. As it turns out, new parents were particularly concerned about Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) due to it's idiopathic and fatal nature.  Other popular concerns included how to help their babies develop healthy sleep habits and how to minimise anxiety when the time comes for the mother to return to work.  


Our approach

After performing our competitor analysis and studies, we decided to focus on a crafting a story that would relate to Safetosleep's target consumers as opposed to the more traditional product and feature-led approach. In order to develop each story fully, we sat with the SafetoSleep engineering team to thoroughly understand the mechanics and principles behind their technology. We also had to have a good grasp of the medical and biomechanics behind the breathing challenges that newborns and preterm infants face. 


The storycrafting

Armed with these insights, we crafted stories centered around these top three parental concerns:

  • How to make sure your baby is sleeping safely
  • Developing healthy sleep habits
  • Coping with separation anxiety

Each story was presented as a card on the main page and colour coded. The colour palette was developed to evoke feelings of warmth, love, and approachability.


Generous padding and the careful use of coloured backgrounds to help define each section and enhance readability. Product images in transparent PNGs allowed us more flexibility and reusability of the assets.We also oversaw the 3D modelling of the product to create reusable assets for the website and their marketing collaterals. 

The language and tone that we developed was assuring and accessible.  Each story was carefully written to define each concern clearly in plain language backed up with recent and relevant facts and independent scientific studies. The concern featured in the story was then addressed tastefully and strategically alongside the relevant product feature. 


Image curation

We wanted these stories to be compelling so we curated pictures that were snapshots of real, everyday life contributed by amateur and seasoned photographers on Flickr and Unsplash. When we curate each picture, we take into consideration the emotivity and how relatable the scene is in addition to its composition and colour. 

Andrew Seaman

Andrew Seaman


The end result is a beautiful and sincere presentation of how SafetoSleep's cutting-edge technology addresses and assuages parents all over the world. Since the launch of the website, SafetoSleep has gone on to successfully secure a significant investment to advance into regional markets.