Valerie Loh is a user experience designer, image curator, frontend developer, copywriter, and entrepreneur in Singapore


Curating for the world’s leading photography website


Unsplash is the world's leading copyright-free photography website with over 500,000 curated photos.


One fine day...

I woke up to an email from Steph Liverani; one of the three founders of Unsplash asking if I would like to help curate and design collections on Unsplash.


At that point in my life, I was but yet another creative who used Unsplash whenever a project required photography but didn't have the budget for a shoot (which is really every project...). For every project I worked on, I would create a collection and curate photos that conveyed the right emotion and had just the right amount of visual interest. Unsplash was and probably is the best kept open secret in my creative arsenal. 


I found curating collections on Unsplash was a creative outlet for me. Their user-friendly UI and infinite scrolls made it easy for the images to find me, especially when I'm in an almost unseeing daze and suddenly, a flash of colour or an interesting composition would catch my eye. After a closer look, I'd decide if it was worth collecting before I resumed my scrolling.


Over time, I amassed over 70 collections from the abstract to the colourful. Somehow, my curations must have caught the eye of one the powers that be at Unsplash, so when Steph invited me to help, I jumped at the opportunity. Since then, I've curated thousands of photos across a hundred different categories under the We Collect collective. The photos that you are seeing on this page is curated from my own personal collections.